Virtual Reality Education


Our Mission: 


Saving lives by providing virtual reality education and training for the most high risk and dangerous vocations in the world.
What Do We Do?
We are the world’s first provider of accredited and non accredited training and education experiences through virtual reality.
We design and develop tailored curriculum and training programs and provide the virtual reality system that allows any type of learning experience to be practiced and perfected in a safe, yet ‘real life’ manner – for organisations, educational institutions, training organisations, Governments and more.
How Do We Do It?
We have combined the unique experience of two specialty businesses to bring this world first service to international industries.
We combine a virtual reality and artificial intelligence system by which any type of training can be experienced/delivered in an immersive and simulated ‘to context’ manner.
Educational instructional design experts who specialise in developing tailored accredited and non-accredited curriculum, training and assessments to meet specific competency, skills and knowledge outcomes to meet regulatory requirements, national qualification frameworks and highly specialised organisational working practices.
Ultimately, delivering a world first service that provides a tailored instructional training curriculum through virtual simulation, implementation and assessment; allowing any training to be delivered safely, anywhere.
Why We Are Here:
All vocations require personnel to be adequately equipped to undertake their duties and stay safe – but some more so than others.
In many industries current training practices, although significantly advanced, have sufficient limitations in preparing the workforce for the most high risk, and threatening of scenarios they face as a part of their job on a daily basis.
There are many highly dangerous training scenarios that simply cannot be ‘practised’ in real-life due to the nature of the work – and not being sufficiently prepared for these scenarios has killed people.
The world’s first partnership of it’s kind, an advanced virtual reality company, Sciosity and MainTraining, curriculum design specialists; provide virtual reality training, education and assessment experiences to bring training to life, and to help businesses sufficiently train their workforce, saving lives on the field.





















Transforming the Delivery of Vocational Education and Training








Using Virtual Reality Training to Transform Workplace Safety Training






Statistics show us that workers are still getting injured and killed in the workplace and it can be argued that one contributor to this is the insufficiency of traditional training practices still being used to train staff for high-risk work environments.

Most personnel sit through a standard industry safety induction, and maybe complete one of those ‘multiple choice’ safety assessments and case scenario quizzes to determine if they can work safely on the job.
The thing is, so many of these tests are simply not effective.  It is too easy for employees who have been through induction after induction to just ‘tick the box that they know they are supposed to tick’. When asked ‘what would you do if you see a wet floor?’, followed by a list of three options, it’s not hard to ‘remember’ that ‘eliminate the hazard’ is the ‘right answer’.


These tests are great for paper-trail evidence, but they do not adequately assess real workplace behaviours and competencies.


So what does?


Virtual reality training.



MainTraining, a leading curriculum development firm, and Sciosity, a cutting-edge virtual reality and analytics development firm, form the world’s first partnership of it’s kind, ‘The Training Revolution’,  and this partnership is helping businesses save the lives of it’s employees by providing accredited and non-accredited virtual reality education and training for the most high risk and dangerous vocations in the world – starting with the provision of basic site safety simulations that TRULY test employee hazard awareness, safety behaviours, competence and reactions under high pressure safety scenarios.
For example, we can literally re-create your real site(s) in the form of a virtual reality experience, and rig the virtual site with specific hazards, risks and safety threats of any kind and size – hazards that would normally be too dangerous to ‘set-up’ in traditional simulated or workplace training.
The learner is then given a virtual reality headset which can connect to your existing computers, and is assessed on their actual safety behaviours.




  • Did they notice the chemicals unsafely stored in the sun, or walk right past them?
  • Did they use the hierarchy of control in the correct order when they noticed the wet floor?
  • Did they follow company reporting procedures when they noticed the damaged equipment?
  • Did the react ‘safely’ under high pressure contingency scenarios?


Our virtual reality training experiences can be pre-programmed to test site and company specific skills and knowledge, as well as fire ‘consequences’ for actions taken or not taken to further test the employees behaviours under contingencies.


There really is no other training like it and now it’s available for any business or training organisation to have up and running within weeks.


You could also use the virtual reality training simulations and assessments in your business for:



  • Site familiarisation during inductions
  • Pre-starts on mobile equipment
  • Processing control
  • Accident reconstruction
  • Machine and equipment operation
  • Isolations and tagging


AND, it’s not just safety training you can use this for.
We combine a virtual reality and artificial intelligence system by which ANY type of accredited or non-accredited training can be experienced/delivered in an immersive and simulated ‘to context’ manner, with the applicable assessments, qualification framework and technical workplace practices built in.





Virtual Reality and Fair Training & Assessment



Virtual Reality Training can also be used by the vocational education and training sector to deliver high quality and standardised training and assessment.


By setting up a virtual learning experience that perfectly matches the real work environment and requires specific behaviours and competences to be demonstrated (as pre-programmed according to workplace procedures and measured by a computer), we eliminate inconsistencies in training and assessment caused by differences in environmental, administrative and human influence.








Virtual Reality in Services Support



Training for ordnance detection and disposal, terror scenarios, natural disasters, war and emergency response are all possible in virtual reality world; sending our services personnel out on their own versions of ‘the front line’ far more prepared for every kind of scenario they might have to face.








Virtual Reality Training for Workforce Management



Using virtual reality as part of the recruitment screening process via practical testing of claimed skills and abilities, testing of role suitability, testing of behaviours and allowing personnel to ‘test out’ new career pathways without the time and expense to anyone will save organisations hundreds of thousands of dollars in workforce management costs every year.








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