Outsource all of your training administration to MainTraining and we'll take care of it for you.

We are highly experienced with RTO / accredited body requirements for training resources and admin for international training frameworks and regulatory bodies.


Whether you just want some untidy training resources re-formatted, or completed refreshed with a branding facelift - or even built from scratch - we have a whole range of admin services that will save you from the tedious, time-consuming drudgery so you can focus on the fun stuff.
Let us know what you'd like a price for in the form below and we'll get right back to you.


We love helping out with the following:


Training Resources Document Formatting (from $50):

We can help you with document formatting, editing, adding/changing logos, changing colour palettes, standardising font types and sizes, setting headers and sub-headers, ensuring consistent spacing, margins, headers & footers (including adding unit codes and titles) and ensuring all documents are well presented for optimum learning, aesthetic appearance and branding consistency.


Rebranding / Re-designing Powerpoint Slides (from $50):

We can redesign and modernise your slides from scratch, or just give them a  tidy up and make sure that all of your resources are consistent in presentation and branding.


Rebranding / Redesigning Learner Workbooks and Handouts (from $5):

Make sure that all of your handouts are consistent in brand and presentation

We’ve been designing and developing training resources for accredited and non-accredited training for 11 years and all of our admin and design staff are managed by qualified curriculum developers and TAE qualified trainers.  We fully understand ASQA and other RTO compliance requirements and as such have developed this document formatting and editing service to help ease the workload that RTOs face to stay on top of your ever-important resources.

You manage the content and we’ll take care of the presentation and formatting for you - one less thing to worry about.