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  • Leadership & Management
  • Personal Development
  • Business Growth & Start Up
  • Sales & Online Marketing
  • Careers

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We have been delivering personal and professional development training to corporate business, Government,  Public, non-profit, the long term unemployed, incarcerated and remote communities for over 11 years in a huge range of topics.

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Train The Trainer & Course Creation Courses

  • Train the Trainer & Curriculum Development - Full Course
  • How To Plan, Design & Develop a Learning Program
  • How To Create Your Own Profitable Training Courses
  • Design, Develop & Deliver eCourses & Online Learning
  • How To Market, Promote and Sell Your Online Course
  • Engaging the Disengaged in Training
  • How To Design and Develop Learning Assessments and Tests
  • Training & Facilitation Skills in Group-Based Learning
  • Presentation & Public Speaking Skills
  • Engaging the Disengaged in Training
  • How To Create Profitable Training Courses and a Profitable Training Business
  • The Training Manager's Guide: Maximising Staff Training on a Minimum Budget
  • Workforce Planning and Development Course
  • Implementing Organisational Online Learning
  • Successfully Managing Online & Distance Learners To Increase Completion & Retention Rates
  • Embedding The Principles of Adult Learning into Your Training To Enhance The Learner Experience

Leadership, Management & Mentoring Courses

  • Introduction to Leadership & Management
  • Advanced Leadership & Management
  • Mentoring in The Workplace (For Mentors)
  • Mentoring in The Workplace (For Mentees)

Personal & Professional Development Courses

  • Confidence, Self Esteem & Motivation Building Workshop
  • Personal & Professional Goal Setting - How to guarantee success in all you set out to do
  • Effective Interpersonal, Body Language & Communication Skills Workshop
  • Effective Sales & Selling Skills
  • Creative Thinking & Problem Solving Skills
  • Cultural Awareness Workshop (Preparing For Equality & Diversity In The Workplace)
  • Understanding Australian Workplace Culture – Norms, Roles, Rights & Responsibilities
  • Basic IT Skills - Using Microsoft Word, Internet, Emails
  • Basic IT for Aspiring Administrators
  • Effective Customer Service Workshop
  • Effective Money Management Workshop
  • Drug And Alcohol Awareness Workshop
  • Personal Wellbeing: Enhance Your Emotional, Physical and Mental Wellness
  • Positively Influencing & Gaining Cooperation With Others - How to Easily Build Rapport and Trust.
  • Delivering Professional Presentations
  • Productivity, Motivation, Self-Management & Personal Effectiveness Workshop

Business & Entrepreneurship Courses

  • The Entrepreneur's Business Development Program
  • Productivity, Automation and Time Freedom Hacks
  • How To Become The Go-To Authority in Your Industry
  • The #LevelUp Challenge
  • Startup Essentials: How To Grow Your Business - Part 1
  • Startup Essentials: How To Grow Your Business - Part 2
  • Startup Essentials: Sales & Marketing Success
  • Startup Essentials: How to Find Your Perfect Paying Customer
  • Edupreneurship: The Entrepreneur & Business Owner's Strategy for Success
  • How To Go Global: Becoming an Industry Leader Using the Platform of ‘Edupreneurship’

Marketing & Online Marketing Courses

  • Using Social Media & To Grow Your Online Business – How To Build a Wildly Successful Online Community of Loyal Fans and Customers
  • Strategic Planning To Double Your Income in The 2017-18 Financial Year
  • How To Use Video To Grow Your Business
  • Customer Profiling & Defining Your Target Market For Sales Success
  • Niching For Growth - How To Niche Your Business
  • How To Build & Manage Your Own Website (WordPress)
  • Blogging Masterclass – How To Set Up A Simple Blog & Produce Content That Magnetises Your Customers
  • Email List Building and Email Marketing Secrets – How To Set Up Your Email Marketing Software
  • Scale Your Small Business - How to Build a Much Bigger Business That Earns More While You Do Less
  • Content Marketing Masterclass: How To Make Your Business Highly Visible and Attract a Constant Stream of Potential Customer

Industry Work Preparation Courses

  • Introduction To The Agriculture Industry
  • Introduction to Agriculture, Horticulture & Land Management Course Combined
  • Introduction To The Mining, Resources & Infrastructure Industry
  • Introduction To Health And Care Work
  • Introduction To The Construction Industry
  • Introduction To The Tourism And Culture Industry
  • Introduction To The Transportation And Logistics Industry
  • Understanding the Australian Workplace Culture

Employability & Careers Courses

  • The Work Steps Employability Program
  • CV Writing And Preparation Workshop
  • Interview Preparation Workshop
  • Cover & Speculative Letter Writing Workshop
  • Mastering a Killer Career Mindset
  • Uncover Your True Career Needs
  • Crystal Clear Career Creator
  • Effective Job Searching for Career Success
  • Analysing Job Vacancies and Meeting Employer Expectations
  • Overcoming Limiting Beliefs & Barriers To Work

Writing & Arts Courses

  • How To Become A Number 1 Best-Selling Amazon Author
  • How to Self-Publish Your Book in Print and Sell it on Amazon
  • How To Become A Kindle Best-Seller (In just 72 Hours!)
  • Creative Story-Telling
  • Tell Your Story With Visual Art
  • Painting on Canvas

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