Maintraining Services

Training And Courses

  • Qualifications Cert 1 to Advanced Diploma
  • Executive Leadership Retreats
  • Soft skills & personal development
  • Work skills & personal development
  • Employability & work-readiness
  • Cultural Awareness
  • The Break Free Project
  • Recognized skill sets
  • Recognized prior learning
  • In partnership with RTO 52511

Virtual Reality Education

  • Design & re-design of traditional training and assessment into virtual reality
  • Accredited, non-accredited and technical training into virtual reality
  • High risk and dangerous vocational training and assessment into VR
  • Safety training and inductions into VR
  • Behaviour and competency assessment via VR

Training Resources

  • Trainer and Learner Workbooks
  • Tailored curriculum development
  • RTO Resources
  • Training resources administration and editing services
  • Development of learning outcomes
  • Assessments & Tools
  • Training delivery media
  • Mapping tools
  • Customisation & contextualisation
  • Speciality & technical resources
  • Research & development for training

Online Course Creation Services

  • Transform your IP into an online or offline training course
  • Help you plan your course concept
  • Ensure your course idea will be profitable
  • Structure your course content and create a formal curriculum plan for you
  • Create formal learning outcomes and course objectives
  • Research and ghost write your training course content
  • Activity workbook development
  • Delivery media and activities development
  • Filming and film editing of your online course videos
  • Set up your online school / LMS and upload your online course content
  • Develop a personalised sales and marketing plan to sell your online courses

For Transformative Training and Training Development Initiatives

About Us

We offer tailored educational, training and training development services in four areas

1. Training and Assessment

We provide accredited, non-accredited and bespoke face-to-face, online or blended training courses in a range of personal and professional subject areas. Delivered in your workplace; corporate; remote communities and specialist groups eg offenders, long term unemployed and more.

2. Virtual Reality Education Design

In partnership with a virtual reality technology company, we design and develop specialised virtual reality training and education experiences. Designed to allow practical training and assessment for the most dangerous and high risk vocations in the world;.

3. Training Resources and Content Development

We design and develop training and assessment materials, resources and specialised training content, including learner workbooks, PowerPoint presentations, assessments, classroom activities and more. We have experience in everything from writing tailored soft-skills training, accredited regulatory body compliant resources, to technical training for military, defence, aviation, construction and mining and more..

4. Online Course Creation Services

We help entrepreneurs, edupreneurs, authors, speakers, consultants and businesses create their own profitable online courses. We help you with everything from your course concept, curriculum planning, course design, filming, film editing, setting up your online school and helping you market and sell your courses.

MainTraining is a Training and Curriculum Design/Development company based in Western Australia, operating internationally.